A real estate agent that serves  one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Los Angeles, Los Feliz, the Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood all evoke a feeling of sophistication and beauty. The houses are a unique mix of old school movie star glamour and sleek, modern architecture.

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I’ve spent a few years discovering the nuances that make these neighborhoods so desirable.

 I’ve personally enjoyed amazing local wine bars and restaurants that are 5 star quality. I am an expert in what I do because I am enamored with these amazing cities. I work here and I live here, by choice.

I’m originally from Chicago where I learned to appreciate some of the best restaurants, clubs and homes.  I set out to Northern Illinois University and majored in business because I always wanted to be in sales. I knew that earning money could match the amount of work I did and not be limited by a salary.

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It would take some time for me to find my passion in real estate. I had a successful career at Minolta selling copiers for 17 years. I think what made the difference was I worked very hard. I would be the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave. Every time the company offered a sales incentive like a trip to Europe or the Caribbean, I worked until I won it.  

I coupled my work ethics developed at Minolta with my passion for real estate.  The combination was the perfect formula for success that my clients and I have benefited and profited from.  

Today, I count myself as fortunate to be in a business that I know well because I enjoy it so much. I don’t just sell homes, I sell a lifestyle. Along with each transaction and negotiation comes my expertise and passion.

I’m here to improve your lifestyle, no matter how fabulous you already are.

I won’t let you fall in love with “potential.”  I will work until you have exactly what you want. Click here to learn more about buying with me.

I know what buyers want. And as a realtor, I’ve learned where to find money in a home. Click here to learn more about selling with me